Automated Stop-Arm Camera Solution

Take action to protect students outside the bus.

Seon’s stop-arm camera solution helps keep drivers focused on safe off-loading and on-loading of students by automatically capturing stop-arm violation events and tagging them with relevant details such as date, time and GPS co-ordinates required for law enforcement review.

The Facts:

Thousands of school districts across North America rely on Seon to protect students inside the bus, but investing in student safety outside the bus is just as important. According to the National Association of State Directors of Pupil Transportation (NASDPTS) 3rd annual stop-arm survey, 85,279 vehicles passed a stopped school bus in a single day.

Find out how you can add stop-arm cameras to any Seon camera system with minimal investment:

  • Stop-arm violations trigger event recording without driver intervention
  • Capture license plate numbers of violators in high-definition
  • Tag video evidence with date, time, and GPS location
  • Download stop-arm events automatically via WiFi

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How the Stop-arm Solution Works:

  1. Vehicle illegally passes the bus:
  2. A sensor installed directly below the stop-arm will trigger a marked alarm on the video recording each time it senses a vehicle passing the stopped bus illegally (i.e. stop-arm engaged and flashers on).
  3. Two camera angles capture the event:
  4. A high-definition digital video recorder (DVR) captures views of the event from both directions (oncoming traffic and vehicles passing on the driver side).
  5. Video evidence tagged:
  6. DVR recording is tagged with stop-arm violation and information such as date, time, and GPS co-ordinates.
  7. Violation downloaded:
  8. When the bus returns to the yard, the video tagged as a stop-arm violation is automatically downloaded over WiFi to a central server for review and processing.
  9. Event ready for review:
  10. Quickly and easily locate violations in vMax® Commander and easily create a video evidence package for law enforcement.