Smart-Reach Wireless Access

Download video with confidence.

Guaranteed to deliver the signal strength, power, and bandwidth necessary for reliable download of video and other data from the bus, Seon’s Smart-Reach technology is an effective industrial-grade wireless solution for mobile video surveillance. Working in combination with vMax Commander surveillance management software, Smart-Reach provides a robust wireless infrastructure for automated video downloading.


Smart-Reach Lite Mobile Wireless Bridge

This mobile wireless bridge allows you to connect to Seon’s family of DVRs and retrieve data over a wireless LAN with simplicity and security.

Key Features

  • Signal strength LED meter for antenna alignment
  • Low-loss integrated N-type RF connector
  • Robust weatherproof design
  • Smart-Reach Access Point
  • Key Features
  • Plug & play automatic configuration
  • Rock-solid WLAN security
  • High-performance wireless access