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school bus driver appreciation week

governor proclamation

WHEREAS: Minnesota school bus drivers are going above and beyond their typical duties to serve students and communities during this unprecedented school year; and

WHEREAS: Minnesota school bus drivers have taken on new essential roles during the COVID-19 pandemic to serve their communities, such as delivering meals and distance learning supplies to families, providing Wi-Fi connections, and transporting the children of first responders and healthcare workers to and from daycare; and

WHEREAS: Minnesota school bus drivers have implemented new, rigorous health and safety protocols to transport students to and from school safely during the COVID-19 pandemic; and

WHEREAS: Minnesota school bus drivers have boosted community morale during challenging times by participating in drive-by birthday parades and graduation ceremonies; and

WHEREAS: Minnesota school bus drivers play a crucial role in our school systems and have a positive influence on a student’s educational experience; and

WHEREAS: The State of Minnesota appreciates school bus drivers and recognizes the invaluable contributions they make to public education and student safety. Today, we recognize these worthy professionals.

Now, THEREFORE, I, TIM WALZ, Governor of Minnesota, do hereby proclaim the week of February 22-26, 2021, as:


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covid19 - bus cleaning instructions

We understand there is a lot of information being published, from a variety of sources, about the virus on surfaces and how long it could last. We are not providing any of the science or rationale for the scientific studies nor addressing those findings. Our goal is to provide some information from our material suppliers where they have some knowledge of products that can be used on their parts. We are providing guidance to support you and understand it is your decision to take action you deem necessary to support your individual situations.

The school bus is filled with different materials that require cleaning and disinfecting differently, and we have reached out to our suppliers to understand what can and cannot be used on the interior surfaces. We have additionally used guidance from the CDC-Centers for Disease Control and the EPA- environmental Protection Agency where helpful to support you and the information provided.

COVID19 Cleaning Instructions

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